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Solar Radiation Sensor

Quick Overview

Knowledge of local and global solar radiation is essential for most agriculture models which study crop growth .Also useful in evaporation estimate and solar energy system design. As the solar radiation reaching the earth’s surface depends upon local meteorological conditions, a study of local climate condition is essential.

ISR01 Solar Radiation Sensor is a precision instrument that detects radiation at wavelengths of 300 to 1100 nanometers. The spectral response of the silicon photodiode detector is a good match to the spectrum of solar radiance.

Product Description

ISR01 measures total solar radiation by both direct and diffused sun irradiance Silicon photo detector provides accurate measurement of solar radiation .Diffuser element is used for accurate cosine response. Each sensor is calibrated against swissteco pyranometer. With spectral response of 400 to 1100 nm ISR01 is suitable for meteorological, agricultural and hydrological applications.

Inbuilt amplifier converts sensor’s current from 0-2.5VDC.Dome shaped housing protect water logging on top of sensor. ISR01 provides rapid deployment because of its small size and rugged design.
ISR01 is compatible with IDL-A and with other third party data loggers having analog input option.

Product Highlights

  • High stability silicon photovoltaic detector.
  • Excellent cosine response.
  • No routine adjustment or polar alignment.
  • Works at any latitude.
  • Dome-shaped head prevents water from accumulating on the sensor head.
Transducer Silicon Photodiode
Operating Temperature -40° to +150° F (-40° to +65° C)
Storage Temperature -50° to +158°F (-45° to +70°C)
Percent of Reading ±3% (0° to ±70° incident angle); ±10% (±70° to ±85° incident angle)
Percent of Full Scale ±2% (0° to ±90°)
Resolution and Units 1 W/m²
Range 0-1800 W/m²
Accuracy ±5% of full scale plus 45 W/m² per 100' (30 m) of additional cable