Prepaid Energy Meter Details

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Prepaid Energy Meter

Quick Overview

Electricity theft has emerged as a serious problem in power sector especially in microgrids.A huge amount of revenue is lost due to electricity theft,in some cases it is so severe that companies are making losses instead of revenue.

In present the revenue collection is made manually by moving to consumers location. There is no proper way to know the consumer's maximum demand, usage details, losses in the lines and power theft. If any consumer did not pay the bill, the operator needs to go to their houses and ask for money or to disconnect the power supply. These processes are repetitive and take so much time and labour.

Irya came up with the innovative solution for smartly controlling the load and collecting revenue by prepaid method.In the proposed method consumers houses are fitted with a prepaid energy meter and consumers pay in advance ,in this way consumer can hold the credit and use the electricity until the credit is exhausted the available credit is exhausted the electricity supply is cutoff by the meter..

Product Description

IPM 05 is microcontroller based prepaid energy meter which is especially designed for solar ac micro grids. It has 5 channels and each of them can be programmed separately for desired watt hour credit, watt limit and credit validity.Multi channel design allows to connect 5 different households using a single meter but measuring usage of individuals at same time.

Watt hours can be credited to individual channels. each channel can be programmed for different watt­hour credit. once the credit is finish it auto cuts the supply to that house.

IPM05 has a built in RTC so one can program it to allow usages of electricity supply for fixed number of days.

Watt limit can be set so no one can use above the permissible watt limit.current usages are channel is detected it trips the supply for that channel.

IMP05 is field programmable and can easily programmed by using a mobile phone or a hand held terminal. each channel can be programmed individually for requested watt hours,watt limit or number of days.

As skilled manpower is one of the challenge in microgrid operation,no skilled man power is required to recharge the meter,any one who is familier with android phones and apps can do recharge and diagnostics of the network.


  • Micro grid
  • Home utility
  • Shops
  • Generator supply

Unique Features

  • User friendly interface for recharge
  • Easy to install without any hassle
  • Can connect upto 5 households
  • Real time load monitoring of each household
  • Tripping of load if the load exceed the permissible limit

Salient Features

  • Compact Design
  • IP65 enclosure for outdoor mounting
  • Hot swappable plugs for load n supply
  • Inbuilt load limiter
  • Field programmable
Operating voltage Range: 150 – 260 Volts AC
Nominal Operating Voltage: 230V AC
Power Consumption: 15 watt
Max load per channels: 500 watts
Accuracy: Watt Hour <5%
Load Limit <5%
RTC < 5 min per month drift
Protection: Short circuit by 3 Amp fuse
Communication Range: < 10 meters
Programable Features: KWatt Hour Credit
Max Permissiable Load in watts
Use for programmed No. of days
Programmable Limits:

1.KWatt Hours
Minimum :0.1 KWatt Hour
Maximum:99.9 Kwatt Hour
2.Watt Limit
Minimum :0.1 KWatt Hour
Maximum:99.9 Kwatt Hour
3.Real Time Clock
Minimum :1 Day
Maximum :No Limit