Leaf Wetness Sensor Details

Item Name

ILW 01

Leaf Wetness Sensor

Quick Overview

Leaf wetness has been studied for decades especially by plant pathologist and agriculture meteorologist because some plant diseases requires the presence of free water on the leaf for infection. Many disease warning systems has been developed which uses leaf wetness duration as input.

Leaf wetness is the water that is present on leaf surface it may be a droplet of rain or fog. Various atmospheric gases (e.g. SO2) deposits more efficiently to wet leaf as compare to dry leaf surface. Therefore adequate estimate of leaf wetness will increase the quality of disease warning systems.

Product Description

ILW 01 measures the leaf wetness by detecting the electrical conductivity of the leaf surface between the two gold plated electrodes. Sensor determines the time for which the sensor was wet. Flat plate resistance may not be able to detect small droplets of water which may form between fingers of sensor but do not bridge the wires. White latex painting allow droplets to be absorbed by paint and spread over sensor for detection

The ILW 01 is precisely designed to mimic the real leaf surface. Large change in resistance form 50 ohm to 1000Kohm determines the transition form completely wet to dry .

ILW01 is compatible with IDL-m and other third party data loggers.

Product Highlights

  • Does not require painting or calibration of individual sensors.
  • Detects trace amounts of water or ice on the leaf surface.
  • Low power requirement and therefore long battery life.
Sensor type Artificial leaf electrical resistance
Excitation Bipolar (3V nominal) built-in
Time Constant 2 seconds
Accuracy ±0.5
Resolution 1
Operating Temperature -10°C to 65° C
Dimensions 102 mm x 58 mm x 58 mm
Dry/Wet Threshold User Selected
Update Interval 62.5 to 75 Second