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Wireless Data Logger

Quick Overview

Data Logging is measurement and recording of physical or electrical parameter from sensor over a period of time. These measurements were recorded in written log along with the time of observation. With need of bringing data into PC for analysis Data Logger took place.

Data Logger is being used to record data from various sensors such as temperature, humidity, rain fall, wind sensor etc. and transmit over data storage medium for future analysis for environmental and geographical analysis.

Product Description

Our data logger IDL01 contains an electrical circuit which acts as intermediary between sensor and storage media. Electrical circuit covers component for channel selection, communication and computer interfacing. Microprocessors are used to send command to receive and store data from sensors. Measured value storage operation performed by storage media over a time interval

IDL01 consist of 5 number of input for various sensors such as temperature, humidity, rain gauge, wind speed, wind direction. Series interface for communication IRG01 use GPRS modem.IDL01 use a switch for output. Flash memory is used to store data to transmit over time interval.

 IDL01 data logger, which includes

  • On-board SIM card and GSM module
  • Weatherproof of Enclosure
  • Micro SD card
  • Lithium-ion batteries
  • UV- resistant “Zip” ties
  • cable for local connection

Product Highlights

  • IDL01 powers the sensors and the cellular modem on lithium-ion batteries; no external power source needed
  • Ease of accessing data through our server.
  • data security
  • Wireless Data Logger Selection to Fit Your Needs
  • Low Energy Consumption Design
  • More than a week of battery backup
  • Measurement with a Variety of Sensors
INPUT PORTS 5 channels, each supporting 12-bit analog, 32-bit digital, or pulse, compatible with any Decagon Devices sensor
PORT TYPE 3.5 mm "stereo jack" connector
MEMORY TYPE Non-Volatile Flash
Log Capacity More than 100 years on SD card
LOGGING INTERVAL: 5 minutes to 24 hours, logged data is 1-minute average of user-specified interval
DATA TRANSMISSION FREQUENCY Up to six times/day(Programmable for frequent data delivery)
OPERATING ENVIRONMENT -30°C - 60°C, up to 100‰ RH
Power Consumption <1mA to <1.5mA @3.3 VDC quiescent
<20 mA @ active mode
CELLULAR FREQUENCIES Quad-band (850/900/1800/1900 MHz) GSM/GPRS for use worldwide
Dimemsions 6.5"Χ 6.3"Χ 4.9" IP65 Enclosure